Why Your Business Needs a Website?

Nowadays, it’s pretty much no surprise to know that the world is continuously becoming more and more reliant on the internet for everything. You’ve heard it time and time again – but everyone, from toddlers that watch nursery rhymes on YouTube to pre-pubescent 0schoolboys wanting to make a name for themselves on the platform, use the internet to some degree. Global infamy – and maybe some isolated cases of petty internet issues – has never been easier.

However, what if you’re on the other side of the spectrum? What if you want to grow your business and transition into the modern age of the internet? What does the internet have in store for your business that a regular brick-and-mortar can’t give to your customers? Though it might not seem like the most ideal thing to do – some might even say inconvenient – keep seated. There’s more to the issue than what the eyes can see.

The internet: a business’ medium towards success

Though it might sound like it’s not something that ALL businesses need, last year’s pandemic has taught us otherwise. Since most businesses have either gone under or had limited resources to use, they have resorted to using means already available to them to market their wares. Yes, we’re aware of instances where seeing a product in real life might seem like the better option (here’s looking at you, AliExpress listings with vague headlines). But the internet has opened up more options for business people to show their wares for everyone to see. And, since most people and business owners already have access to the internet and a Facebook account or two, they’re starting to use it more and more, too.

And that’s why the internet is a great weapon to reach yet another level of success in today’s economic temperature. Since everyone has access to the internet, it simply means that more and more people can see what you have to offer in the long run as well. Remember, the main goal of creating a website for your business is for everyone to see what you have to offer. You might already be well-known in your area and have a decent-sized following/ But as times go on, not being where your customers are can lead to dire, potentially disastrous outcomes. And that’s why the internet exists: to bring you closer to your customers and to bring them closer to you in the easiest, most hassle-free way possible.

5 more reasons why YOUR business needs a website TODAY!

Visibility isn’t the only reason you need to have a website; there are other, more defined reasons why your business needs one. Hence, we divulge five more critical reasons you need to have a website – el pronto, too!

1.)  Ensures trustworthiness among customers

Having a website where people can see what you have to offer ensures one of two things. First is that you’re where your customers are (obviously), and your customers can see what you have to offer, too. The openness of having a website means that your customers can leave comments about the products. Though it might not sound like much (and also grounds for hate comments, too), an active comment section ensures more social proof – which, in turn, can get more people to trust your business, too.

2.)   Establishes your brand

Do you want your business to be perceived in a specific nature, much like how Nike brands their business more towards the sports-oriented people, for example? Well, a website can fix that problem in a much more efficient way than you expected. Your website will be the first thing your customers can see. Hence, everything – from its color schemes and thematic designs will be more than enough to convey your brand to your customers in a stellar way. You can quickly establish your brand with both your website and your products. And that is why a website is an ideal method to establish your business’ brand even further.

3.)  Can help your customers locate you easier

One of the primary problems that every business face – both pre-and post-pandemic – is their location. Some businesses are conveniently located in the big city, which isn’t a problem until they realize that their future customers will not navigate the streets. Google Maps can only provide so much – and can sometimes lead them to a different location altogether. Hence, the reason why disclosing your business’ specific address is a must when it comes to your website. Adding one can greatly help with alleviating that problem, all while helping you out with other customer-related problems at the same time. Though it might sound elementary – and it most probably is – adding and integrating it properly can pay dividends in the long run, too.

4.)  Provide better social proof

Though briefly touched upon earlier, having a website can create more social proof for your business through the use of testimonials and comments left by previous customers.

But first, just what, exactly, is social proof?

Well, to put it simply, social proof is the action of the human brain to trust that the collective’s decision is the correct decision. It’s like herd mentality, but in a way that can help you drive sales and boost your business even further. Have you ever noticed why the most-reviewed products on Amazon and AliExpress are the ones people tend to buy the most? Yes, that’s social proof in action for you. And now that we’re on the topic of comments and reviews, your business is more than likely to succeed if you place positive feedback/customer testimonials on your business’ front page. Since the front page is what your customers/website visitors see first, you should start strong. Show your customers how many people you’ve helped and their experience with your product. That way, they’re more than likely to follow suit.

5.)  Cements your prominence in the field.

Sooner or later, all businesses will start transitioning online. It doesn’t really matter which industry you’re in – dispensaries, hardware, food – there will soon be a place for every orifice of the business world to go online. But just because nobody’s doing it in your field doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it – in fact, you should be doing the complete opposite! The element of surprise never fails – hence, starting out a website far before everyone else in your industry will set you up for an inevitable rise in sales, too. Additionally, being the first to set up a website means that you have led the movement – giving you another layer of credibility for years – if not decades to come.

In Conclusion:

The internet has gone way past the point of no return, and the steady trickle of websites from businesses worldwide means that every consumer is basically spoilt for choice. It might sound like a cliche- and a bad one at that – to say that all businesses have their personal website. If they still don’t, then they at least have their social media accounts adequately configured to reach their customers in the most convenient way possible. And that’s exactly what we were talking about – the internet has given rise to more convenience for everyone to the point where everyone expects to find everything in there. Suppose your business still isn’t anywhere near the internet. In that case, you’re missing out on an awful lot – both in sales and in communication.

Making and handling your own website used to be a chore in and of itself – in fact, when website creation is mentioned. The first thing that would spring immediately into your mind would probably be images of the Matrix and their egregiously colored codes. But technology has evolved past that – to the point where everyone can make their own website! Platforms like WordPress and Wix made website building and managing less hassle and more opportunity for you to be where your customers are. To build your website – or get someone else to do it for you! Who knows, it might be the missing key for you to succeed even further?

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