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A beautiful state with a constant need for digital content, Ohio has moved past the norms and is now charging towards the future. As such, hiring a digital marketing agency is the new norm for people who want to expand their business to new success. There are a lot of them around, and choosing the correct one for your business can be tough. But it’s going to be all worth it, as it’s almost sure to help your business grow by tenfold.

Ohio’s mostly known for its local attractions and booming business. The pandemic gave the state a new trend: digital marketing. Now that we’re stuck in the comfort of our houses, digital marketing is now bigger than ever in the state of Ohio. The internet is a useful tool, as it can be used not just to communicate with friends and relatives, but you can now market your business with it. Hiring digital marketing experts and social media specialists could boost your business in innovative ways. Ohio has a large pool of successful social media specialists, and they can help give your business a huge following.

Ohio’s ideal digital marketing services agency should provide more than just help to a starting business. They should be able to give you a leg up from everyone by using tried and trusted methods. 

By hiring The Internet Business Provider – which is us – you have a whole team of experts who are dedicated to helping you and your business grow into being the one that you’ve always dreamed about!

Our Premium Digital Marketing Services

We offer more than your typical Digital Marketing Service Agency. Providing the best for our clients is our mission, and we do our best to do just that. We always give the best that we have to offer, and we always deliver!

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We can provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your business. We offer paid services such as Google ads, paid Facebook ads, paid YouTube advertising. Though with that said, we could also post content in Quora where we can re-target content for free. This could help by putting advertisements on search engine results that match with your business.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We also specialize in Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. These articles use Google and Bing’s algorithm and put your services further up on the search page.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We also provide social media marketing (SMM) for our clients. Social media marketing focuses more on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Social media sites, unlike other marketing mediums, are incredibly lax on their guidelines.

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Few Popular Packages of Digital Marketing Services

Facebook Lead

Setup and Maintain Monthly $500
$ 250 First Time
  • Establish a Business account or access as an admin to account
  • Set up a Facebook business page
  • Design a specific header graphic that is designed for the business
  • Design 5 posts for the business account
  • Setting up Facebook pixels
  • List Item

Twitter Business

Setup and Maintain Monthly $500
$ 250 First Time
  • Branding
  • Banner (Colors according to your business)
  • Handle (Name of business)
  • Bio (About the business)
  • 1-3 #Hashtags
  • Add a link to your profile
  • 6 Tweets setup

Pinterest Business

Setup and Maintain Monthly $500
$ 250 First Time
  • Selecting 5 topics by the audience
  • Create Pins on your website
  • Establish Group Boards
  • Schedule your pins in advance by the best performance
  • Optimize the account
  • Using rich pins and keywords
  • Encourage others to pin content from your website
  • Install the official save button to your website
  • Track Analytics

Instagram Business

Setup and Maintain Monthly $500
$ 250 First Time
  • Establish analytics
  • Create promotions
  • Paid Ads (extra charge)
  • Add a contact button or call to action
  • Select category label
  • Establish business information
  • Create Posts
  • Connect Facebook & Instagram
  • Create stories about your business
  • Run competitions

YouTube Business

Setup and Maintain
$ 250 First Time
  • Brand the account as a business account
  • Customize your Header page
  • Branded Watermark
  • The use of Playlists
  • Optimize video for search-using tags
  • Thumbnail Titles setup
  • Choosing the correct topics
  • Audio retention analytics (improve response)
  • Present video in engaging ways
  • Engaging every day for results

Linkedin Business

Setup and Maintain
$ 250 First Time
  • Choose a professional Business Photo
  • Tell your story by the Header Graphic (or feature a quote)
  • Write a summary of your experience
  • Establish a great Pitch
  • Make a call of action (email at the bottom)
  • Detail your education
  • Detail your volunteer experience
  • Add relevant skills
  • Give endorsements and recommendation

We here at The Internet Business Provider give our clients a sense of satisfaction every step of the way. We’ll help you turn your dream into reality. contact us and learn more!


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What’s The Real Difference Between These Big Terms?

The world of online marketing is bigger than you expected it to be. There are many jargons and abbreviations that make it more difficult than it already is. Some digital marketing services agencies would try and offer you a dizzying amount of services. Making your business grow just became a little bit more difficult than it needs to be. At the top of the pile are SEM, SEO, and SMMs. They aren’t just any abbreviations; they’re marketing tools that can give your business the leverage it needs.


Firstly, what is SEM? SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. These utilize search engines like Google or Bing to advertise your business. They make use of keywords that are associated with your business that appear as ads on certain search results. With this, people that are looking for something could be directed to your business. How could this help your business, though? Search Engine Marketing is an easy way to get people to know your business compared to other means, as search engine ads are displayed as a search result, rather than a separate advertisement. 

With that said, though, what are the differences between SEMs and SEOs? SEO or Search engine marketing utilizes techniques that target unpaid and unintentional traffic, rather than being displayed as an advertisement. Compared to SEM that displays ads as a search result, SEO relies on techniques to allow them to be shown at the top of the results in search engines. 


Now, SMM targets an entirely different market from the other two. SMM or Social Media Marketing focuses more on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. These social media sites are regulated and run on a different algorithm than search engines. As such, Social Media Marketing is a bit more common to see as almost everyone uses social media nowadays. 

As said before, online marketing can be more complicated than you think. Especially in Ohio, digital marketing services agencies have their work cut out for them. The digital age is upon us, and utilizing modern methods of marketing is the best way to do it. Doing it yourself without any prior experience can turn into a nightmare quicker than you think. This is what we were made to do. Here at The Internet Business Provider, we always strive to make the best out of small businesses. When we said we’re here to help you achieve your marketing goals, we mean it! 

Why Choose Us?

The digital age has shown us that the internet is the way to go. Be it from something as mundane as shopping, or to something that we enjoy like reaching out with friends.

As such, we have learned that we can utilize this technological advancement to give you and your business the boost it needs. We, The Internet Business Provider, is dedicated to giving you the boost that you needed. 

The competition is stiff, and Ohio does not fall short of other competent digital marketing services agencies. Though that may be true, we always strive for perfection as we aim to give you the best service you could ask for. We offer a wide array of services, and we’re confident that we would be the right choice. Our team consists of experts that are more than willing to help turn your dreams into a reality – simply because we are the best! 

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IBP can rapidly identify your pain points to act immediately to ensure that your business content that put’s your business’s best foot forward.

Best Digital Marketing Experts in Ohio: A Solid Anchor For An Online Business

Now that the internet has taken over our lives, it’s no surprise that you could market your business online. The field of digital marketing is so huge that it’s relatively easy to get it wrong. Hiring a digital marketing expert (in Ohio, United State of America) can help you with that and with so much more. To say that they aren’t a huge help to your business isn’t an understatement. But, what does a digital marketing expert do? It turns out, they could help you in more ways than you might originally think.

Quite evidently, they’re already experts. You no longer have to worry about hiring other people that you would still need to train to advertise your business. Their expertise in the field can be used to your leverage. They’ve probably faced similar clients like you before, and their experience could easily streamline your online business.

You might argue that the entire point of hiring them is for you to focus more on things that you need to do. But, digital marketing experts could save more time than you might imagine. When it comes to digital marketing experts, their experience gives them the efficiency that you need to make bigger plans for your company. All you need to do is brief them about what you want, and you’re pretty much good to go. That, in turn, would give you more time to run your business better.

Learning doesn’t stop after graduation, and digital marketing experts can teach you the ins and outs of the digital marketing world. They don’t just help you sell your business, they could also teach you some aspects of digital marketing that you may or may not have missed along the way. 

Hiring an in-house marketing department is incredibly pricey, more so if you’re a small business. With that being said, outsourcing digital marketing experts could help you save a lot of money. They could do their job efficiently, and there’s no more need to train them.

Digital marketing experts aren’t just people you hire to help your business; they’re experts that are the best at their job. Admittedly, outsourcing them could prove to be difficult. However, they are the anchor that keeps your business afloat. Here at The Internet Business Provider, we are proud to have top digital marketing experts in our arsenal. Visit our website at to avail of our services.

Explaining Our Digital Marketing Process By TheInternetBusinessProvider

Let’s face it. The world of digital marketing is huge. Just when you thought that you’d known everything about it, something new would come out. It’s a field unlike any other. Digital marketing continuously evolves as time goes on, and it doesn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon. But just because it always changes doesn’t mean there isn’t anything consistent with it. The process involved has always been the same, despite the consistent changes to the field itself.

1. Researching

Research is important, whatever field you may be in. Researching your target market would be a good start, as it would give you vital information that would help you sell it more. It’s pretty much common knowledge that you would need to research everything before marketing. It’s not just common knowledge, but it’s one of the most important parts of the process. The target market is always the goal, and to make something that they want is always the target.

2. Creating

The data gathered from the research process would be used here. The main goal here is to create a campaign that was needed by the people, as per the research. The researched data should always come to mind here, as creating something that the market wants is the main goal.

3. Promoting

Next comes the stage that everyone would see. There are more ways than one to promote your product. The world of digital marketing is huge, and finding the correct method to advertise your product according to your research market does the trick. Numerous methods, such as SEO, Email marketing, and social media sites can be used to advertise your business. Creating a social media trend is a good way to get new followers, for example.

4. Analyzing and Optimizing

The end result is all that matters. Analyzing the methods used and looking at the figures is a part of the process. Thinking of whether you’ve reached your target market or not, or if there are lapses in the middle. Analyzing everything you’ve done, whether it was a success or not, would prove to be important information for the future. That way, the errors and lapses that were made during the past project could no longer be repeated.

Digital marketing service agencies always take note of these processes. They’re bulletproof methods for something that’s constantly changing as time goes on. Utilizing these methods would not only jump your business’ efficiency by a mile, but it would also help you to become a business that listens to its customers – and that’s what we do here at The Internet Business Provider. Call us and experience getting help from only the experts! 

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We’ll ensure that you and your business would prosper and gain a sizable following online. We are adept at handling different methods in order to give you and your business the boost that it needs.

We provide digital marketing services, such as SEO articles, Social media marketing, and search engine marketing. We also provide premium services, with paid ads for Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

We provide a helping hand for businesses as we can provide methods for people to increase their business more.

That would depend on your target market. If you would like to market to younger users, then Twitter would be ideal. If your target market is middle-aged people, then Instagram and Facebook would be ideal. It’s subjective and mostly depends on your target demographic.

Yes, we can place your website on top of SEO rankings with our professional expertise in Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing services would help give your business the boost it needs. Most people are now on the internet, and it’s relatively cheaper than traditional marketing.

There are platforms that can be used to measure your digital marketing’s success. We have Google Analytics data and review metrics where we can see your website’s overall site traffic and how well our campaigns or marketing efforts performed. Understanding the customers business and goals and targeting the correct market,will make the goals for your customer.