I was Hacked now What?

I was Hacked now What?

Last week my WordPress website was hacked??? Your mind immediately goes into hyper-drive and your thoughts go into who would do this to me?

If you find yourself in this situation the first thing to do is not to panic! Websites can be fixed!!

Be calm and think about two things:

1. How am I going to resolve the issue ?

2.How can I prevent it from happening again?

How am I going to resolve the issue?

The first consideration is how important is it to get your website back up and running quickly? If it is an ecommerce website then every minute your website is down could be costing you precious sales and therefore money.

The second consideration is money. How much can you afford to pay in order to get your website up and running. If you are losing a lot of money then it is obviously worthwhile hiring a professional to get your site up and running quickly. If it is a mere inconvenience then you may want to consider trying to fix the website yourself.

If your website is suffering from technical issues then it may be worthwhile contacting your website hosting company. Many automatically backup your website on a regular basis and therefore they may be able to quickly recover your website for you.

A website does require maintenance and care just like other personal assets like your house, your car or your 401K. The solution to my difficulties turned out to be easily solved by my website creator. It was simply an issue with the website theme that was easily fixed so could have been a lot worse.

In order to fix this particular issue the website creator:

1. Retrieved the latest back-up from the hosting company and restored the website.
2. Restored the WordPress database to ensure it functioned properly.
3. Requested that I re-secure the website by changing the username and password.  Incidentally, hackers often target the standard ‘admin’ username on WordPress websites so it worthwhile changing the username to something other than this default.

How can I prevent it from happening again?

My website was restored but I need to do all I can to protect myself should it happen again and do everything I can to prevent this happening.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that you can prevent or recover from hacking incidents on a WordPress website:

1) Ensure that either your hosting company or you make regular back-ups of your website. There are some great WordPress plugins that can help with this and you can set the website and database to back-up to Dropbox or pretty much any other storage service.

2) Always change the default username (Usually Admin) and password to ensure that they are more difficult to check.

3) Ensure that you keep your WordPress and any plug-ins updated with the latest patches as these updates often address security issues.

4) Find anti-spam and / or anti-virus plug-ins for your WordPress Website.

5) Ensure that your own computer equipment or any equipment used to access your WordPress website are protected by anti-virus software and all available updates are installed.

WordPress is an incredibly popular and versatile website hosting platform. However, this does make it more prone to attack from hackers and spammers. Therefore, if you do choose this platform to manage your website it is important to take the appropriate steps (above) to protect it.

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