“The Fortune is in th Follow-UP!!”

“The Fortune is in th Follow-UP!!”

“The FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW-UP!!”

Internet, eCommerce, Splash Pages, Blogs, Websites, Social Media, PPC, Banner Ads, Adsense, and the list goes on and on.  Your to do, to know, and to take action on list is forever growing.  Your want and need for success, is even more.  There is an old saying in internet marketing “You cannot serve two masters!”  There is a lot of truth to that statement.  Newbies and veterans alike make mistakes when trying to build their business, brand, and profits online.

The saying you cannot serve two masters, is truly about doing too much of everything, instead of focusing in on the one or two things that get results!  Let’s face it, there is always the latest and greatest of fads and opportunities in which may build your business.  However, there is certain tried and true methods that stand the test of time!  Ultimately it comes down to a single phrase: “List Building Strategies.”

All of the above will contribute to list building strategies, IF, you have the ability to do so.  First, and let’s be crystal clear on this, your business must have the ability to collect information on every single person that visits your site.  If not?  Well if not, the truth is, your aren’t really in business.  Dan Kennedy internet legend once said: “Regardless of the site you build, the product you offer, the people you serve, it is the trust you form that will ultimately result in profit!”  Never more truer words have been spoken in building your business.  For that matter, list building strategies.

If you believe that you should be collecting data on every lead, no matter how it is generated, congratulations you have graduated to the next level.  Now, as an entrepreneur, what do you do next?  Fact is, there are two critical items you must do from this point and your business will flourish!

List Building Strategies is only critical, if you implement a tried and true method of email marketing.  Without you can become a telemarketer, but who wants to do that.  Your ability to connect and engage is the key to your business, period.  It used to be said that the person that gets the most people to a splash page wins, true, if you know how to email market.  You must give people something of value.  Consistently, deliberately, and daily.  People are more inclined to trust those that are offering something of value, as opposed to hawking the next big thing!

Email Marketing is about courting.  Not handshake to marriage proposal.  Prospects want to be courted, feel a sense of trust, connection, and then once they do?  Buyer, raving fans, and evangelists to anything and everything you do.  That is a fact.  Too often we are far too excited about the close, the marriage, and forget to put the time in the courting process.

Email Marketing is especially valuable in a blog.  A blog is a sales portal, no question.  However, it is also a portal of trusted information.  Doesn’t matter if your business or opportunity is not centered on the blog, it is the blog and content that will endear people to you.  It takes the courting phase to an expert phase.  This is your chance to show off your knowledge, creativity, passion, and personality in a way that splash pages or websites cannot.  Giving people the chance to opt in here, or taking them there after an opt in, will mean a serious impact on your bottom line.

Your in business and you need to have list building strategies.  Those list building strategies will sustain your business regardless if you change business models or professions.  Opportunities come and go, but the power of a loyal list member is with you where ever you go.  Implement immediately the power of list building strategies in your business.  Your influence, your voice, and your income will grow as a direct result.

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