Stay Focused with Mastermind Groups

Stay Focused with Mastermind Groups


Mastermind groups are made up of  individuals that have the same passions and fears that you do.The question
that you must ask yourself is? How bad do I want to succeed and remove the isolation that prevents me from being successful.

What I have found is the little technology problems throwes me into a tail spin.Let me explain, recently

I had a Microsoft webcam with mac computer.I hunted the internet and got OFF FOCUS trying resole a problem,(and got nothing done). A quick email to one of my associates in a mastermind group ,problem disappeared with little time spent.

Time is money ,especially when you are out there trying to survive in a new business.


1. Commitment by each of the individuals in the group.They give you two other sources of feed back that will

make your decision process shorter ,that will  result quick decisions that will allow you to stay focused and on task.

Very valuable when time is money. The group can be made up of 3 to 6 individuals. I would suggest 3.

2.Share your all your knowledge. Try to give as much help as possible to the other two individuals on your team.

The best members on your team will be the one’s that do nothog the discussions . Finding members that want to

approach the discussion in a balanced way will lead to  a successful group.

3.Guideline are Important Written guidelines are what is acceptable behavior.the guideline should be voted on so

you create a spirit of harmony and trust.Creating a safe place where everyone can enjoy with certain boundaries

should be one of the goals of the group.

4.Find People on your Level. Similar levels of experience and success cuts out the frustration level.find people that can bring

special expertise to the group.That is a win,win situation.

Mastermind Groups keep the the goal in front of you, the carrot in sight and a feeling of accomplishments when you

meet and exceed your goals.When you have the backup of a mastermind group that means you have someone to

share it with and grow together.

I am firmly commented  to mastermind groups. they are extremely supportive, that gives the encouragement and solutions

by your members.Try a group be successful for you and your business today.

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